So, why RevenApp?

We are on a mission to build a brighter future for publishers by getting the most out of their mobile revenue.

We are confident that you’ll love RevenApp after just the first week of use. And here is why:

app brings you revenue
Our sophisticated algorithm will ensure the best combination of fill rate and eCPM. Thanks to our near-100% fill rates, we guarantee that every user using your app brings you revenue.
audience grows
We are highly interested to cooperate with you on a long-term basis and ready to use our expertise to promote your apps for free. You will notice how your audience grows in a matter of 5-7 days.
simple single SDK integrating
We developed simple single SDK integrating all best paying sponsors freeing you of the hassle to register with them all.
Exceptional customer service
We take customer satisfaction very seriously. We really care about our customers and their business, take care of each and every of our clients' need and believe to be rewarded with their gratitude and loyalty in return

All super sponsors in one SDK

Highest fill rate

Highest fill rate

Our selection of partners guarantees steady flow of ad campaigns ensuring near-100% fill rate. We help publishers achieve the best possible return, making sure they’re not losing out on any potential revenue.
Highest eCPM rates

Highest eCPM rates

We partner only with highest-paying advertisers who are ready to pay the best price for your ad space. Our automatic optimization algorithm ensures that you are getting the most out of your inventory.
Fast payments

Fast payments

Get single on time aggregated payment through one source. We provide multiple choice of fast and secure payment methods. We pay via PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
No minimum payout

No minimum payout

Don’t wait for your revenues to reach the minimum threshold. Immediate payouts for amounts up to $100. Net-30 for amounts over $100.
smart real-time mediation algorithm

Smart mediation

Our smart real-time mediation algorithm selects the best price and the most relevant ad for every slot, ensuring the highest value out of each and every impression.
all major ad formats

All major ad formats

We support the most engaging ad formats in the industry that will provide your audience with an exceptional user experience and will drive you high revenues. From rewarded or pre-roll video, native, interstitial or banner choose one or combine different formats to get the most from your inventory.
Just one registration

Just one registration

Unlike other mediators signing-up with RevenApp will free you of the hassle to register with other sponsors. Simple as that
Unified reporting dashboard

Unified reporting dashboard

Our mediation platform also provides a unified real time dashboard for multi-dimensional and transparent reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started?
To start monetizing your application just create an account and complete the signup process. After that, you will need just to integrate the RevenApp SDK to start monetizing.
Which frameworks does your platform support?
Our SDK supports Unity at the moment and support for Android will be added in the nearest time. See more about all the details in the documentation section.
Does your dashboard provide real-time statistics?
Yes, our statistics is in real-time though it may take up to 24-48 hours to sync all data depending on advertisers.
What type of ad formats do you support?
We currently support interstitials, rewarded video and banners.
Do I need to integrate all SDKs from ad networks that you support?
No. You need to integrate only one: Revenapp’s SDK. Other SDKs are bundled within ours.
What is your payment threshold?
We work on a Net-30 basis and sent payments if earned balance is greater than or equal to $50USD for PayPal, Bitcoin and Ethereum payments, and $100 USD for wire transfers. If User's earned balance is less than $50USD for PayPal, Bitcoin and Ethereum payments or less than $100USD for wire transfers, no payment shall be sent until the following calendar month when the relevant sum is accrued.
In which countries RevenApp works?
RevenApp optimizes your revenue in every country. Our strongest countries by eCPMs are United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.
Do I need accounts at ad networks like Chartboost, AdMob etc?
Not, you don’t need accounts at those ad networks, all you need is just to register with us.
Will RevenApp be compliant with GDPR?
RevenApp is compliant with GDPR. We take the privacy of our developers and their end-users seriously. We understand that user data is important to our developers’ values and operations. With our latest SDK you can easily pass consent from EU-based users to supported ad networks. Ad networks are showing contextual ads when consent is negative and personalized ads when consent is positive.
Will RevenApp GDPR-compliance mean that publishers will also be considered GDPR-compliant automatically?
No, according to the GDPR rules app developers are responsible for collecting consent from end-users about any data collection either your app or partner SDK is fetching for targeting or any other purpose. Refer to this link for more details or contact a legal professional for more details.
What data does RevenApp collect via it's advertising service?
The data we collect and purpose of the collection is referenced in our privacy policy.